State of the art technology and modern dental techniques, along with restorations from our quality dental lab, allow us to create attractive, durable, and comfortable dental work for patients of all ages. Whether you need restorative procedures, a smile makeover, or regular, preventive dental care for your family, Dr. Avery-Miranda has what it takes to make you smile.

Westboro Dental Associates now offers cutting edge technology in esthetic dentistry! The Picasso Diode Laser is an Award Winning laser in the industry. It performs a wide range of soft-tissue surgical and periodontal procedures to help create masterpiece smiles and unleash Dr. Avery-Miranda’s craftsmanship. This new technique enhances quality care and patient convenience. Integrating laser technology into our practice offers extra power, control and flexibility to bring the highest standard of care to patients.

The Wand provides a local anesthetic system controlled by a computer, which offers a slow and steady guarantee of delivery; thereby increasing patient comfort during the process of anesthetizing. The source of discomfort during the process of anesthetizing is caused because the anesthetic was delivered too quickly. Although, the dentist can control the speed of delivering local anesthetic with a standard syringe, the Wand is to take out the “human error”. This can be extremely reassuring for patients with previous negative experiences during a dental appointment.

Our digital radiography will allow better detection, treatment, and monitoring of oral health conditions and diseases. Digital radiographs can be viewed instantly on a computer screen, manipulated to enhance contrast and detail with 50 to 80 percent less radiation than conventional film. In addition, digital radiography offers an eco-friendly alternative by eliminating chemical processing waste and the need for disposal of hazardous materials.

With our intraoral cameras you will be able to see what we see, understand your treatment needs, and make an informed decision. The power of information helps eliminate the guessing in how to best proceed to meet your dental needs.

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