Dental Crown FAQs

Do you have fractured teeth? Are your teeth weakened by teeth grinding or root canal treatment? Restore your smile with dental crowns in our Westborough, MA dental office. Dental crowns are dental restorations that may be used to cover and protect damaged teeth or cap off dental implants. At Westborough Dental Associates, we help patients find the best restoration for their dental needs. We will help ensure that dental crowns fit your current oral health needs and goals.

Dental Crowns in Westborough, Massachusetts

Dental Crown Q&A

Many patients have these common questions about dental crowns:

What are the benefits of dental crowns?

Dental crowns have many benefits. Tooth crowns:

  • Strengthen weakened teeth
  • Can be color-matched to natural teeth
  • Feel just like natural teeth
  • Improve the appearance of injured teeth
  • Restore the shape of teeth

How long do dental crowns last?

Dental crowns are permanent restorations that can last for 30 years. We recommend that patients gently brush and floss between their tooth crowns. Maintaining an oral hygiene routine prevents bacteria buildup from around the crowns.

Is the dental crown treatment painful?

Many patients are fearful of restorative treatment including dental crowns because they believe that they will feel extreme pain. Our dentists always numb the treated area before placing one or more dental crowns. After dental crown treatment, patients may feel slight soreness or pain which can be treated with prescribed pain medication.

When can I eat after receiving a dental crown?

Patients can eat one hour after they receive a dental crown. We do recommend that patients avoid eating sticky foods for the first 24 hours following their treatment. Eating soft foods and chewing on one side of the mouth opposite the dental crown helps prevent tooth pain or soreness.

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