Restorative Dentistry

Do you have teeth that are damaged or missing? Do you have an uncomfortable bite?

Restorative dentistry can play an important role in the long-term health, comfort, and stability of your smile. Restorative dental treatments can repair and replace teeth to give you back a smile that looks and feels great. Dr. Trushar Patel is a restorative dentist in Westborough MA. He offers the benefit of experienced, consultative dental care to help patients enjoy the best possible dental experience and successful outcomes.

If you are suffering from poor oral health due to dental anxiety, we welcome you to schedule a visit with Dr. Patel and experience the difference. Our personal approach and caring office environment make your overall comfort one of our top priorities.

Our restorative dentistry treatments include:

Restorative dental procedures in Worcester County, Massachusetts

Building Better Smiles with Restorative Dentistry

Tooth damage can be addressed with a range of procedures depending on your needs. We will evaluate the condition of your oral health and the function of your bite at your initial exam. With a thorough exam and medical history review, Dr. Patel can make the most accurate recommendations. However, we will only recommend the necessary treatments and never try to up-sell you on procedures.

Afterward, we will create a personalized treatment plan and go over the process with you. Restorative dental treatments can help avoid tooth loss and maintain the structure of your bite. This is a key factor in long-term dental health. We may recommend one or more of the following restorative dental treatments:

  • Dental crowns: A dental crown can be placed to treat a wide range of problems, from chips and cracks to restoring a dental implant. Thus, making it a great choice for repairing broken teeth.
  • Dental bridge: This is a traditional method of replacing lost teeth. When one or more consecutive teeth have been lost, a dental bridge can be placed using existing teeth or implants to anchor it.
  • Dentures: A cosmetic denture can replace a full arch of lost teeth. Our team offers traditional dentures and implant-supported dentures. The latter provides a more permanent result. Furthermore, it is more comfortable and looks natural.
  • Dental implants: We use dental implants to replace a single tooth, and to secure a bridge or denture. Dental implants offer the most natural result possible. Most noteworthy is their durability. They can last a lifetime!

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Restorative dentistry can provide treatments for patients of all ages experiencing tooth damage, tooth loss, and bite problems. As a result, we emphasize the importance of restoring your smile. Addressing dental problems as quickly as possible will prevent more permanent damage and the need for complex or highly invasive treatments.

When a bite problem is causing tooth damage, reach out to Dr. Patel in Westborough, MA. We offer restorative treatments to repair your teeth, adjust your biting surface, and correct misalignment. Schedule a visit online, or give us a call at 508.366.0550 today.