Dentist Shrewsbury MA

Westborough Dental Associates is a local dentist office that is currently accepting patients from Shrewsbury, MA. Our family-friendly dental practice offers general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services for all patients. Each patient will receive the personalized dental care they need to help prevent diseases and maintain a healthy smile. Whether you need preventive dental care, advanced restorative dental work or simply want to improve the appearance of your smile, our dentist office offers solutions for you.

Dentist in Shrewsbury, MA

Routine Dentist Appointments

A healthy smile involves more than just brushing and flossing every day. Routine dentist appointments are also vital to proper oral hygiene. We recommend that our patients visit us every six months to maintain good oral health. Even people who take excellent care of their teeth need to make regular trips to the dentist.

During these visits, you can expect an examination, screenings for common dental concerns, and professional dental cleaning. The teeth cleaning is necessary to remove built-up plaque and tartar from your teeth to prevent decay and diseases. Screening for common issues such as tooth decay and gum disease to important because the sooner they are treated, the more conservative the treatment will be. We also offer a complete menu of general dentistry treatments and services for every member of your family:

Instead of traveling to multiple offices, our office conveniently treats patients of any age including children. We are prepared to handle oral health needs at every stage of life. We recommend that children visit us for the first time when their first primary teeth have erupted. These early visits will help them feel comfortable and confident in a dentist’s office setting.

Improve the Appearance of Your Smile

A healthy, beautiful smile is important for a person’s self-esteem. Your smile can even impact your social and professional life. The purpose of cosmetic dentistry is to put the finishing touches on healthy teeth to make them look better. Our local dentist office also offers cosmetic dentistry treatments to patients from Shrewsbury, MA to help them attain the smile of their dreams. Our cosmetic services are highly effective and affordable. The cosmetic dental treatments we offer:

Treating Complex Dental Problems

Westborough Dental also offers patients from Shrewsbury, MA restorative dentistry treatments. Advanced gum disease, a bad bite, missing teeth, or damaged teeth are all oral health issues that must be treated to restore your oral health. Using these techniques and technology, our dentists can fix your dental problems to ensure long-term dental health. We understand some of these treatments can be overwhelming especially for patients with dental anxiety. We offer sedation dentistry so those patients can receive the dental care they need without fear or anxiety. It is a safe and effective method to help the patient feel relaxed during procedures.