Types of Mouthguards (And How They Protect Teeth)

Mouthguards are essential pieces of protective gear for anyone who participates in sports or activities that can potentially cause injury to the face and mouth. They provide cushioning against blows to the face and help to reduce the risk of cuts and mouth injuries. Mouth guards also protect your teeth from damage and can help prevent concussions.

Mouthguards come in different types, depending on the type of activity they are being used for. Each type offers different levels of protection and fits differently in the mouth. Knowing the different types of mouthguards and how they protect your teeth can help you choose the right one for your activity.

1 – Stock Mouth Guard

The first type of mouth guard is the stock mouth guard. This is the most common type and can be purchased at most sporting goods stores. Stock mouth guards are made of a flexible and cushioning material, such as vinyl or rubber, which can be molded to fit the shape of your mouth. They fit over your teeth and gums and provide cushioning against blows to the face. Unfortunately, these mouthguards are bulky and may not provide the best fit for your mouth, making them less comfortable and less effective at protecting your teeth.

2 – Boil-and-Bite Mouth Guard

The second type of mouth guard is the boil-and-bite mouth guard. This type is made from a thermoplastic material that softens when heated in hot water. After the mouth guard is placed in your mouth, you bite down and mold it to the shape of your teeth and gums. Boil-and-bite mouth guards provide a better fit than stock mouth guards and are usually more comfortable.

3 – Custom-Made Mouth Guard

Finally, the third type of mouthguard is the custom-made mouthguard. This type is made by a dental professional, who takes an impression of your teeth and gums and creates a mold. The mouth guard is then made from a mold and is the most comfortable and effective type of mouth guard. Custom-made mouthguards are usually the most expensive type, but they provide the best fit and protection for your teeth.

What Does a Mouth Guard Do?

A mouth guard is a device that is worn over the teeth and gums to protect them from injury. Mouth guards are most commonly used in contact sports such as boxing, football, hockey, and lacrosse, but they can also be used to protect teeth from grinding and clenching during sleep. Mouth guards provide cushioning to reduce the risk of injury and can also help to reduce the severity of injuries that do occur.

Why Selecting the Right Mouth Guard Matters

Selecting the right mouthguard is important because it can make a huge difference in the amount of protection that it provides. An ill-fitting or uncomfortable mouthguard can be difficult to wear and may not provide the amount of protection that is needed. On the other hand, a well-fitted mouthguard can provide a comfortable fit and optimal protection. It is important to discuss with your dentist or orthodontist which type of mouth guard is best for you and your sport.


Mouth guards are an important tool for protecting your teeth from injury and damage. They are available in a variety of types, from custom-fitted and boil-and-bite mouth guards to stock mouth guards, and are designed to provide the best possible protection for your teeth during contact sports and recreational activities. Custom-fitted mouth guards offer the highest level of protection, as they are designed specifically for your individual mouth and teeth, but boil-and-bite mouth guards are also highly effective and are a more affordable option. Stock mouth guards are the least expensive option, but they do not provide the same degree of protection as custom-fitted and boil-and-bite guards. Therefore, it is important to select the mouthguard that is best suited to your needs and budget. Regardless of the type of mouth guard you choose, it is important to wear it properly and regularly to ensure that your teeth are adequately protected.

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