Invisalign Clear Aligner Benefits

Invisalign Clear Aligner Benefits

Crooked teeth can be a severe issue for anyone who has to deal with them. They can cause advanced tooth decay, cavities, bad breath, overcrowding, and even cause you to develop an overbite or underbite. Not to mention the number they can do on your self-esteem or confidence.

Well, we have good news for you, as we are proud to tell you that we can offer you something that has several advantages over traditional braces. It is called Invisalign, and we are going to its benefits.

It Is Clear!

  • First and foremost, is the clear factor of the aligners. Invisalign is so clear that your family and closest friends will not even notice that you are going through treatment to correct your smile. This is most likely the biggest feature for you to consider when deciding what treatment option to go with for your crooked teeth.

Shorter Treatment Time

  • Typical treatment time for traditional braces can be up to three years when it is all said and done. On top of that, you could be forced to wear a retainer for a very long time to keep up with the treatment. With Invisalign, treatment can be from 6 months to 18 months depending on how severe your case is. Not too mention, typical time to wear a retainer will be cut in half as well.

Way Easier To Clean

  • Traditional braces are temporarily cemented to your teeth, and they leave a space between the braces and your teeth. This space is a hot spot for bacteria and food to hide and grow inside your mouth. Invisalign is removable which means that not only can you eat anything that you want, but after you are done eating, simply clean the aligners and your teeth and put your Invisalign back in.

No Food Restrictions

  • As we briefly touched on above, Invisalign is removable, so you just take the Invisalign aligners out, eat anything you like, and put them back in when done. With traditional metal braces, you will have a lot of food restrictions because the braces can be easily damaged.