What to Do During a Dental Emergency

What’s Considered a Dental Emergency?

You may want to avoid going to the dentist because you’re worried about whatever procedure you’ll have to get done. However, when these issues happen, they’re extremely important things to get fixed. You don’t want to wait to get treatment.

Tooth pain: Sudden and severe tooth pain can be from a variety of causes. It’s important to get it checked out by your dentist so they can determine exactly what’s causing it. You can take over the counter pain relievers and use a cold compress to minimize any pain and swelling you have before the dentist can see you.

Chipped or broken teeth: A small chip may not be something you’re extremely worried about. However, if the chip is large, and especially if it’s causing you pain, you need to see a professional to get a dental restoration. Make sure that you never put anything directly on the damaged part of the tooth.

Knocked out tooth: Missing teeth aren’t anything to mess around with. If you get a tooth knocked out, try to find the tooth and put it in a cup of saliva or milk. Make sure not to touch the tooth root. Call us immediately for further instruction. If you preserve the tooth in the right way and we can get you in within a few hours, your tooth may be able to be salvaged.

Trauma to soft tissue: Your soft tissue is considered as your gums, lips, tongue, or cheeks. If you have an open wound or extreme swelling or bleeding, it’s something you should consider getting checked out.

All of these things are dental emergencies that should be checked out immediately. Take precautions to do whatever you can to help the problem before you can go to your Westborough, Massachusetts dentist. This can minimize your pain level and other side effects.

Can I Avoid Dental Emergencies?

There are steps you can take to avoid being in a situation that requires emergency dentistry. The most important thing you can do is practice routine dental care. Brush and floss your teeth regularly, as well as visit your dentist bi-annually. Your dentist may be able to spot weaknesses or other things early on that could lead to bigger problems down the road.

In addition, if you or your children play sports, getting a custom mouthguard is essential. Contact sports can very easily lead to getting teeth knocked out. A custom mouthguard is something that can prevent that from happening.

Emergency Dentistry at Your Westborough, MA Dentist

If you’re suffering from a dental emergency, call Westborough Dental Associates right away. You can also request an appointment online to be seen as soon as possible.