Why Family Dentistry is Important

Many dental offices specialize in dentistry for either adults or children. But family dentistry is different. We accept patients from small children to elderly adults — and everyone in between. Westborough Dental Associates is a family dentist in Westborough, MA. Read more about the family dentistry approach and why it’s so important.family dentist in westborough, massachusetts

Age-Specific Treatment

Different age groups have different dental problems that are more common. For example, tooth decay in children is prominent. For this, we offer patient education on diet and oral health practices. We also offer a treatment called dental sealants. This provides an extra layer of protection painted onto places on the teeth that are harder to reach with a toothbrush.

But senior patients have specific dental problems as well. As we age, our mouths continue to change. Seniors are more likely to suffer from tooth loss, leading to a need for tooth replacement solutions like dental implants. Teeth whitening is also popular in this age group, as our teeth naturally get darker as we age.

Starting Good Habits Early

If you start good oral health habits with children early, they’re more likely to continue to follow them through adulthood. Getting children used to taking care of their mouths early is key. They can learn the best techniques for brushing and flossing to ensure their mouths stay healthy. They can also get used to visiting the dentist regularly, starting that as something they do regularly at an early age.

Combatting Dental Anxiety

Many people suffer from dental anxiety. But getting children used to the dentist at an early age can help to prevent this from developing. One good thing about family dentistry is that you can all go to the dentist office together. Children can see you getting dental work done and realize they have nothing to fear. You can also sit in on appointments with your children to be there for moral support.

Catching Problems Early

Particularly in children, our mouths are changing all the time. Using our expertise and diagnostic tools, we can help catch issues within the mouth that have developed since your last visit. Seeing people every six months, we do checks for oral cancer, bite and wear on your teeth, and x-ray to look for tooth decay that may be hidden from sight.

With children, primary teeth are being replaced and their mouths are shifting with adult teeth. Catching the need for orthodontic treatment early can help make the treatment process easier and less extensive. This is also true with other oral health issues. We aim to provide the most conservative treatment option possible.

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