Cavities and Dental Fillings: Interesting Facts to Know

Many people are ignorant of cavities, although they are among the most prevalent dental issues. It’s unclear whether sugar causes gum disease or not.

Cavities and dental fillings are two things that most people are familiar with. However, you may not know some facts about cavities and dental fillings. 

Read on to learn more about general dentistry services. 

Why Do Teeth Cavities Form?

Sugar does not truly cause cavities, despite being related to them. The dangerous germs that reside in your mouth deserve that honor.

Some of these are universally possessed. They eat the minute food fragments that adhere to your teeth and gums. Acid is released when they expand. The acid starts to burn a hole in the tooth enamel. It is known as a cavity.

What role does sugar play in this? Although these bacteria may consume anything, sugar and carbs are their preferred foods. You risk developing cavities and gum disease if you consume a lot of sweets or don’t brush and floss regularly.

Enamel that has been damaged cannot grow back; it must be repaired. It is what a dental filling does. Our family dental services in Westborough will fix any harmed enamel initially (and the bacteria living there). The cavity will then be filled. 

Doing this allows you to continue utilizing that tooth for regular meals while preventing the cavity from worsening.

Information About Fillings and Cavities

The following information on dental fillings and cavities is interesting.

Fillings Can Be Made To Fit Your Teeth

In the past, the primary choice for treating a cavity was a metal amalgam filling, typically made primarily of silver or gold. 

Even though these fillings are functional, they do not match the rest of your grin. The assumption that metal fillings may potentially harm your teeth is also supported by science.

As a result, you should contact a dentist as soon as possible. Tooth-colored fillings are an alternative to metal fillings. These have the same function as metal fillings and are made of a composite material. They blend in with your smile, though.

Cavities Will Continue To Worsen If Left Untreated

Bacteria cause cavities, so until you receive dental treatment, the hole will only get worse. One of those issues that won’t go away on its own is cavities. You risk fracturing your teeth if you don’t treat a cavity.

Contact a cosmetic dentistry specialist in Westborough immediately to book a dental exam. Your enamel has no nerves. Therefore, you can hide a hollow from view. 

The only way to find cavities and stop further deterioration is a complete dental examination performed by one of our highly skilled dentists.

You Might Require A Root Canal If the Cavity Is Too Deep 

The dental pulp is located inside your tooth. The nerves and blood vessels of your tooth are located here. A deep enough cavity will eventually do so, letting those dangerous germs infect your dental pulp.

A root canal is an option for treating this extreme pain and the tooth’s overall brittleness. You might avoid that scenario by scheduling an appointment for a tooth-colored dental filling at one of our two Laredo dentist offices as soon as possible.

You Might Require A Dental Crown If the Cavity is Too Large 

The size of a cavity is not the sole issue. Too much decay can destroy the tooth’s good enamel, making it difficult for a dental filling to adhere. It will only ever move. Even worse, the tooth can eventually totally crack open.


Although dental fillings and cavities are quite frequent, there are certain things you may not know about them. Cavities are brought on by oral microorganisms and can result in tooth decay. Dental fillings close up cavities’ holes and stop future decay. The ideal form of dental filling for you will depend on the cavity’s size and location. There are various types of dental fillings. An amalgam filling, constructed of silver, mercury, and other metals, is the most typical dental filling.

To arrange for a dental examination and prevent cavities from worsening, get in touch with Westborough Dental Associates immediately. Our dentists have the skills necessary to seal off the tooth (and keep it together) with a dental crown if a dental filling cannot be kept in place. Book an appointment for family dental services in Westborough today.